Papa Louie

papalouiPapa Louie is a very interesting game about adventures. If you like adventure games, you’ll love this adorable game! While playing the game you will see, wonderful graphics and interesting gameplay, so playing Papa Loui will satisfy your game addiction. People of all ages play this game with great pleasure. Default management is simple – use the arrow keys left and right to move your character left or right, use the up arrow to jump or to swim, use the down arrow to swim down. In addition to these controls, you must also use the space bar to attack. If you feel uncomfortable with the basic default management, no problem! The game also has customizable settings where you can customize the controls to suit your comfort level. The main objective of the game is to rescue Papa Louie and his customers from the evil clutches of Radley Madish. Your customers will help you, in your adventure

and will help you to go to the next level. Each of these clients are equipped with different types of weapons. Some customers may have a short-range weapons, while others may use long-range weapons ! Save all the clients, and try to find out which one is your favorite! Papa Louie is appealing an Italian chef who got his start selling delicious pizza. It has a legion of fanatical customers who are willing to try anything. Papa Louie is always trying to reward his loyal customers! There are a total of 48 achievements of icons wich can be collected during the game Papa Louie. Some of these icons is very easy to achieve, while others are much more complicated. Collect them all, this will help you to achieve your goal. Good luck!!!

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